Zach Margolis's Recommendations

San Francisco

I’ve been in San Francisco for about 10 years now? This is my list of interesting things that I send to folks when they ask me what to do in San Francisco. It’s a work in progress and isn’t meant to be some exhaustive list of the city’s best things.

I’ve marked a few favorites with a ★. I like pretty much everything on this list, but I love those.


Touristy Attractions

Food & Bars

Pac Heights and Fillmore St.

This is my neighborhood, so naturally I stop by these things most frequently.

The Marina

Down the hill north, still super close by, I still walk to all these things.

Polk St.

This is walking distance to the East from home.

Elsewhere in the City (and Bay Area)

This is just everything that’s not quite walkable from home, including a few spots in Marin, Oakland and Berkeley.

Gay Bars

Hungry or thirsty for more recommendations? I've got some others: