My name is Zach Margolis, itโ€™s very nice to meet you! Iโ€™m a software engineer at Square, and Iโ€™ve also done a tour of duty at the US Digital Service. I graduated from UC Davis, go Aggies!

Data Visualization Projects

I enjoy collecting data from my everyday life and visualizing it. A few of my projects:

My Swimlog

I love open water swimming. This is my journal of open water swims with plots of each swim course.

My Pennies

I pick up loose change when I find it on the ground and record it, and I have a small competition going with some of my family.

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Ye Olde Blog

The old blog that I hosted front and center here until July 2010.

My Recs

Iโ€™ve put together some recommendations for visitors to a few places Iโ€™ve lived: