Pennies! By Zach Margolis

This is the change that my family and I have found in every year since 2017, and a few friends started contributing in 2022. It's our friendly little competition, and everyone's a winner (and I'm the biggest winner).


Total coins picked up, year-over-year

PersonTotal CoinsTotal Value
Zach1937.97 USD 1.00 MXP
Dad4612.11 USD
Noah200.61 USD 0.22 EUR 0.06 GBP
Mom90.45 USD 10.00 EUR


ZachPennyPennyDollar BillPennyDimePennyPennyPennyPennyDimePennyPennyPennyPennyPennyNickelPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyQuarterPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyQuarterDimePennyPennyPennyPennyDimeDimePennyQuarterPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyDimePennyNickelPennyPennyPennyPennyDimeNickelPennyPennyPennyDimePennyPennyDimePennyPennyPennyPennyPennyDimePennyQuarterPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyQuarterPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyDimePennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyDimePennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyQuarterPennyPennyPennyDimePennyQuarterPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyNickelPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyQuarterDimeDimeQuarterPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyDimeDimePennyPennyDimePennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyDimePennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyDollar BillPennyNickelPennyMexican PesoPennyPennyDadDimeQuarterPennyPennyDimeDimeQuarterNickelNickelNickelPennyPennyPennyPennyNickel10 Dollar BillPennyDimePennyPennyDimePennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyDimePennyPennyNickelNickelNickelDimePennyPennyDimePennyPennyPennyDimePennyDimeNoahPennyPennyEuro DimeEuro DimeFive Pence2 Euro CentOne PenceNickelPennyPennyPennyDimePennyPennyDimePennyQuarterPennyPennyPennyMomNickelPenny10 EuroQuarterPennyPennyPennyDimePenny


  • PennyPenny
  • NickelNickel
  • DimeDime
  • QuarterQuarter
  • Dollar BillDollar Bill
  • 10 Dollar Bill10 Dollar Bill


  • 2 Euro Cent2 Euro Cent
  • Euro DimeEuro Dime
  • 10 Euro10 Euro


  • One PenceOne Pence
  • Five PenceFive Pence


  • Mexican PesoMexican Peso


A streak is two or more consecutive days of finds.

PersonNumber of streaksLongest streak
Zach84 days

By Weekday

Number of coins picked up by weekday


By Coin

PersonPennyNickelDimeQuarterDollar Bill10 Dollar Bill2 Euro CentEuro Dime10 EuroOne PenceFive PenceMexican Peso


We take pictures of coins we find on the ground (either in situ or once they've been picked up) and then message the pictures to a group chat with my family. The friends division is people sending me pictures separate from the group chat. Almost all change is fair game, but we don't allow fishing in fountains (deliberately left change).

Each year, I manually scroll through our message history and log the results in a spreadsheet. I lightly process and turn that spreadsheet into a CSV used to power these visualizations. Most of the time we note what coins we find (such as "a scuffed penny" or "a dime and a nickel") but sometimes we forget, so I have to take a guess (a blurry dime and nickel with no reference are hard to tell apart).

Feel free to check out the source on GitHub!