I swam the Maryland Swim for Life. It was hosted by my masters team here in DC, the DC Aquatics Club.

The swim comes in an array of options: 1mi, 2mi, 2.4mi, 3mi, 4mi, and 5mi. Naturally, I swam the 5mi distance. I clocked in at 2hr21min.

I feel okay about my time, I placed first in my division, but 5th overall. I had a bunch of room to do better, I was with the lead group of swimmers towards the beginning, but my stomach started bugging me and I slowed down. Right before the last buoy, the gas (or whatever I had in my stomach) passed and I was able to swim more comfortably, but if it were up to me, I wouldn’t have had to worry about that in the first place.

But on the bright side, I actually got to finish the entire swim. There was a tornado warning, so about 5 minutes after I got out, the swim organizers had to pull the rest of the swimmers from the water so they didn’t get to finish the entire swim.