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Some quality photos

Hi! Welcome back!

Before we get into this week’s pictures, a quick note!

I want to do a reader submissions issue! I’d love for you to send photos you have taken with me! I can be in the photo you want, or not! I’m mostly looking for shared memories and stories.

Now, for this week! This week I wanted to pull together a few miscellaneous photos that I think are just really quality photos. Somehow they just turned out better than expected.

November 2016. National Arboretum (Washington, DC)

When I worked for the USDS, I had Veteran’s Day off so I took the day to check out the National Arboretum. These columns used to be part of the US Capitol building, and were really cool to look at. I don’t exactly remember how I picked this angle, but I love how it turned out. I think this photo benefits from being shot on black-and-white film, it has this amazing contrast and depth, and I just love the overall quality of it.

March 2018. Tulare County Fairgrounds (Tulare, CA)

This was at the Model UN training conference that I used to be volunteer staff at. That year, the conference was supposed to be at the Visalia convention center, but because there was a gun trade show, the conference staff opted to relocate this middle school program. They were able to get the Tulare County Fairgrounds, which is how I ended up there. In between sessions some people were fooling around blowing fairly large bubbles (like pomegranate size) and I was able to focus just right on one of the bubbles and get this shot. Again, I just love how it turned out.

May 2018. Lafayette Park (San Francisco, CA)

This is two blocks up the hill from the photo I talk almost every day, but now it’s inside Lafayette Park. This particular day, the light was amazing, the fog was present but not too overwhelming. I like the almost-symmetric part of this photo, the different-height buildings, the thinner-vs-fuller trees on the edges. Quality.

February 2020. National Mall (Washington, DC)

I was back in DC earlier this year and checked out a few museums with Nicole. On our way to the metro, we wandered through this installation near one of the Smithsonian museums. The lighting was great, Nicole’s scarf and coat pop out of the picture, it just happened to be a quality photo.

Thanks for reading! We’ll see you next week, and don’t forget to submit a photo!