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Now We’re in New York!

There’s a cliché about people who live in San Francisco, visit New York for like a weekend, then say things like “oh I love visiting New York, but I could never live there” and I absolutely embody that. Well, I don’t say that I could never live there (because I’m pretty sure I could), but I do say I’m not ready to live there right now, because I’m not ready to leave San Francisco yet.

Anyways, I’ve been lucky enough to visit New York City a bunch of times over the past few years, make some great memories, and take some fun photos. Let’s look at some of them!

October 2016. Coney Island/Brighton Beach Boardwalk (Brooklyn, NY)

Amanda and Raj used to live in Brighton Beach, just one block from the boardwalk. It was such a treat to be able to visit them there! It turns out my mom grew up in Brighton Beach, so I get this little bit of a “back to my roots” feeling (like a salmon or a turtle) whenever I go, even though I was born in California. I took this photo when Amanda and I wandered along the boardwalk. The focus is slightly off, but I think the photo still works.

October 2016. Manhattan Bridge (Manhattan, NY)

On the same trip as the photo above, Amanda and I met with some friends in the Lower East Side in Manhattan, and walked over the Manhattan Bridge. I looked back and took this picture of through the fence. I love the grunge aesthetic in this shot, with the out-of-focus chickenwire fence and tons of graffiti on all the buildings.

May 2019. West Village (Manhattan, NY)

I love how precious the streets in West Village are, the tree-lined cobblestone streets that contrast with the more bare, paved avenues in other parts of Manhattan. I was wandering back from getting a bagel in Chelsea at Murray’s Bagels (one of my favorites) and happened upon this empty street, so I snapped a picture.

May 2019. Battery Park (Manhattan, NY)

I was walking back from dinner the night before my Manhattan 20 Bridges swim, heading along The Battery. It was right around sunset and I took some pictures of the gorgeous sky over New Jersey, but then I also saw this bench, and just really enjoyed the angle. I think the picture turned out nicely, but in retrospect what makes this picture special is that it’s part of the memory of relaxing and calming down before my swim.

May 2019. Battery Park (Manhattan, NY)

This is that gorgeous sunset I mentioned in the photo above. The water was moving calmly (which I think contributed to my general mellowness before the swim). The sun behind New Jersey across the Hudson was amazing. This picture came from my phone, which did a great job capturing all that color.

Thanks for reading, as always!