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M is for Mood

Big mood.

It’s a Mood

English (like most languages) is constantly evolving, and the way we use the word “mood” has taken on some new uses recently. Here’s one, as defined by the Wiktionary:

big mood (plural big moods)

  1. (Internet slang, informal) Something that is deemed relatable

    • The way she was just lying on her bed is a big mood.

There are a billion kinds of moods out there, and sometimes photographs clearly have them. This week, we’re looking at the ones that clearly communicate something, some mood.

June 2018. Blue Moon Ranch (Temecula, CA)

This is at Jen and Grant’s wedding. Ethan is obviously tired and Alison is signaling that it is definitely time to go home, clearly a mood. I agreed, and we carpooled back to our hotel shortly after this photo. The best part? The timestamp I have for this photo is 9:12PM. What an early bedtime mood.

June 2018. West Pier Beach (Brighton, UK)

This was a few days after I swam the English Channel. I bought the rosé bottle of champagne to celebrate a successful swim, Mandy and I went to the beach to open it. It was kind of a forced celebration mood: I was a little tired and have that cap tan from the swim across my forehead. It was really bright out, so I was squinting. The beach in Brighton was a pebble beach so walking on it was not that fun. It’s just a “I’m happy I did this but at the moment things less than perfect” kind of mood.

November 2019. The Tavern on Fourth (San Rafael, CA)

Brian is motionless in the middle of basically a small bar brawl. On the left, Van and Justin are in the middle of something painful, and on the right, their wives Liz and Chandrica are in the middle of some drawn-out goodbyes. Brian is….being Brian. Such a mood.

January 2020. The Punchdown (Oakland, CA)

Nicki moved away from the bay area to Seattle last year, but she stopped back for a hot second on the way to a wedding in Napa. The evening was quick, Nicki was running late from the airport and there wasn’t that much time, so it all felt compressed. I love this small moment of Nicki between Chad and Christina, who are both in the middle of something else, it’s just a mood.

So many moods! Thanks again for reading, and see you next time!