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K is for Keeper

Playing for keeps


To be totally honest, I had a lot of trouble focusing on this newsletter this week, and so this week’s theme is a bit of a stretch. This week’s photos are keepers: photos that I keep looking back at that remind me of really fun trips I’ve taken. I’m definitely antsy to be able to travel and explore again, and looking back at these photos has been a good reminder of the fun things to find when we go to new places.

September 2017. MoMA PS1 (Queens, NY)

Amanda and I visited MoMA PS1 during a really busy Saturday party-like event (live music, huge crowds) and definitely felt too uncool to be there. MoMA PS1 is in a former public school building, and this installation played up that vibe with little chalks set in the bricks. They weren’t glued (or if they were, not very strongly) because many of the chalks had fallen to the floor. I forgot why I didn’t include this photo in last season’s X is for Xhibit, but I’m glad I kept this photo around, it’s another reminder of a great trip to NYC.

October 2017. Café del Mar (Tarifa, Spain)

This was at dinner in Tarifa, Spain, after Jack had just gotten into town. The Dutch angle wasn’t arbitrary, here, I was trying to capture both the sun and the moon in the same shot! And I barely got them, the moon is just a sliver on the left side of the frame. This photo also reminds me of a stellar trip, and a fun small moment trying to figure out how to accomplish the photo I wanted.

June 2018. Brighton Beach Bandstand (Brighton, UK)

This gazebo on the beach was a useful waypoint and landmark while exploring Brighton. I love the sunset, and the bird centered exactly overhead, this is another keeper photo that reminds me a of a fun trip.

That’s all I’ve got for this week! Thanks for reading, and see you next time!