The Weekly Margs by

D is for Doorway

Yes, I know I should have done "D is for Delay"

Hi, welcome back! Did you miss me?

I finally was able to write the next issue of this newsletter! I decided that publishing it this Wednesday (the morning after election day) seemed like a lot to compete with for attention, so I’m mixing it up and jumping into your inboxes on a Sunday.

What Happened?

Ok so yes, the newsletter has been silent for a bit. I ran out of steam. Season 2 was off to a good start, but this gap of 16-ish weeks (not that anybody was counting) without an issue of The Weekly Margs was not what I intended.

I did have a small epiphany recently. As some of may know, I had been putting a lot of my weekly project energy towards the Pub Trivia that I host online. Recently, I put that on pause after 30 weeks (and over $13K raised and donated to various charities) because I needed a small break. The number 30 is very interesting because I realized that I let go of this newsletter right around 30 weeks as well (31 issues written, about one a week). So without worrying about it too much, maybe somewhere around 30 weeks is some kind of creative wall for me. Or maybe it’s an issue of bandwidth, so freeing up energy from pausing trivia lets me focus on this newsletter. The way I compose a newsletter issue is kind of similar to how I come up with trivia questions, the final result is the aggregate lots of little spare thoughts and check-ins in throughout the week. Either way, I’m back at this right now and we’ll see how it goes!

Pictures, Now!

Yes, let’s get back to pictures.

This week we’re looking at doorways and frames. As we know from past issues like B is for Brick House and R is for Right Angles, I really love squared up photos. I realized walking around recently that I’d been taking a bunch of photos framed by doorways, and that I finally had a theme to write about for this newsletter.

April 2020. Palace of Fine Arts (San Francisco, CA)

This was on an evening walk a few months ago. The Palace of Fine Arts is a great spot to walk around, and I love how it was lit up for this photo, with the lights inside and outside the structure highlighting this entrance.

October 2020. Pacific Heights (San Francisco, CA)

It’s decorative gourd season, motherfuckers. Walking by this charming house, I love how the pumpkins were arranged on specifically one unit’s half of the entryway. In general, I think its kind of silly and wasteful to put pumpkins out like this, but this one was just so charming I had to take a picture.

October 2020. USF (San Francisco, CA)

I met a friend for boba the other week and we walked over to the USF campus to sit down and drink. As we were leaving, we passed by this really neat frame. The sky was amazing that day, I love the hazy view of Sutro Tower in the background. It just felt warm and nice and I like how the picture turned out.

October 2020. Ghirardelli Square (San Francisco, CA)

Ghirardelli Square is sort of having a moment. I’m nearby almost every morning to swim, and have been noticing some changes. The giant light up “Ghirardelli” sign has been replaced with new lights, and one morning I noticed this brick staircase had been painted. I’m not exactly sure why now, but this was charming so it seemed worth sharing.

Again, welcome back to the newsletter and thanks for reading! My goal is to get back on a weekly cadence and keep sharing photos. Hope you’re all staying safe and healthy.