During my visit to Park City, UT, I stopped by a local pool and swam with the masters team. After the practice, one of the locals invited me to swim with their group at the local reservoir! I was excited because I was thinking of swimming there myself anyways, but having locals who know the area better is a huge plus!

A lot of them wore wetsuits, and were a little surprised I declined an offer to borrow a wetsuit. After all, the water was 60ºF! Toasty! The air temp was a little chilly, around 40ºF so it was almost a sub-100ºF day.

It was a fun swim, with a fun group! The map below is a little off because the water level of the reservoir was drained ahead of winter, so we actually swam close to shore for most of the swim because the water had receded.

Jordanelle Reservoir