I signed up to swim direct the South End Rowing Club’s annual Golden Gate Bridge swim. Since I was directing, I didn’t get to swim the actual swim, but I did get to participate in the test swim the day before.

It was dark when we dropped in, and theren was a ton of boat traffic. We had two groups, and at one point we had to swim backwards to use up time to wait for some large boats to pass. The water was very warm, so it wasn’t a problem taking it easy.

During this swim, there was a huge swarm (bigger than a flock) of birds that flew from the bay out to the ocean. Tons of seagulls, pelicans, and more flew out and it was super surprising. Sarah, another swimmer, was wonder the same thing I was: what’s underneath us?

Anyways, we ended the swim by touching Mile Rock near the north tower of the bridge and we hopped in the Zodiacs and motored home.