I swam on my own for about 2hr7min. I ran into Melissa and Miguel kayaking, as well as a few other swimmers.

I started off with a Chas lap: all the way to Gashouse cove, and then made my way along the breakwater. When I got to the end of the breakwater (“Creaker’s” as we call it), I spotted a pinniped about 20 feet from me. I looked away for a minute, and when I looked back, it was closer. Maybe 10 feet. It had its mouth open and I couldn’t tell if it was being aggressive or playful, so I quickly grabbed on to the breakwater and pulled myself around to the other side. The current can be strong at the breakwater and trying to outswim a marine mammal seemed like a really bad idea.

I calmed down once I got back to the cove, and stayed inside the cove for a few more laps to finish out the swim.