San Francisco’s notorious Bay to Breakers run has inspired our club to do a Bay to Breakers swim. Our course is to swim from the Bay Bridge around the city, under the Golden Gate Bridge, around to Ocean Beach.

We jumped in around 7am at the bridge knowing that the water was going to be rough; there was a lot of wind. It was incredibly choppy, and many of the kayakers couldn’t keep up with us swimmers (which I have never seen before in my life). A lot of the kayakers had to get pulled: at the end, out of an original group of of 17 kayakers, only 3 or so were still with their swimmers.

Due to the adverse conditions, our club called off the swim at the Warming Hut, we turned in and got back on the boat just before the Golden Gate Bridge. I wish that we could have had a chance to go through the Golden Gate and try to finish, but it’s more important to make sure everybody stays safe.