At last week’s swim at Coney Island, I met another DC open water swimmer. She told me about the Washington’s Crossing Swim race organized by the WaveOne team, so I signed up and we carpooled down.

It was a great swim, and I’m glad I heard about it! The water temperature was a nice and cozy 71ºF, and the distance was about 1.3mi. I swam the event in about 27m30s, which my watch told me as a 1m19s 100/yd pace, which I think is great!

I probably should have eaten breakfast beforehand, I got kind of hangry around the halfway mark.

Washington's Crossing Swim

PS, Sorry for the screenshot of a map! I haven’t been able to find any GIS geometry online that was high enough resolution with both sides of the river yet. I’ll see what I can do about combining multiple files.